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South Hill Baptist Church is a multi-cultural community in Christ. Though we are a replant, and are currently under 50 members, when you visit you are likely to encounter someone of northern European descent, someone of Asian descent, and someone of African-American descent. The gospel of Christ is good news for all people, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, class, or background. All of humanity finds solidarity at the cross, where we recognize all of mankind’s need for salvation. Our multi-cultural community of faith depicts, not only our local community, but also the community of God in heaven.
Marked by Love:

Of God. As such, our time together is spent responding in worship to God, not only for who He is, but also, for what He has done. By responding rightly to His truth, our lives are transformed, and our deepest longings are satisfied in Him.

Of one another. When Jesus was asked what the most important command of the law was, He responded by stating that we are to love God and love others. His life was saturated with love-it permeated everything he did in his life, death, and resurrection. We are marked by love of one another.

Of our community. As we live out the gospel, we join God in His mission to redeem and restore creation. It is part of God’s Great Story… As Christians, we are part of this great story. God’s kingdom is breaking in, and transformed sinners are proof of that change. The gospel is at the center of this change. It invites us to join God’s mission to restore relationships, justice and shalom. By the Holy Spirit’s power we are sent out to live the gospel, in our words and actions. We demonstrate our love of community by kneeling and serving like Jesus.